Equipment bearing the mark Piek contribute to the reduction of noise generated by night-time deliveries, and respect local residents.
With the type certification issued in France by the Cemafroid, you are guaranteed that the material complies with the maximum sound level of 60 dB (A), making it suitable equipment for night-time deliveries for which it is customary to does not exceed the following maximum limits:

- 60 dB (A) for deliveries between 23:00 and 7:00

PieCemafroid is a distinctive mark indicating that the product has a type certificate. The Cemafroid is the body mandated in France to manage the rights to use markings and achieve type certification and the associated tests.

The manufacturer who puts the mark on its products  Piek Cemafroid committed on the conformity of the certificated noise characteristics. 


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 Piek certification is recognized in the approach Certibruit and the label "night deliveries respectful of residents": more information on



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